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Topics That Get Results for Your Audience

Lead With Style: Package Yourself for Success


Key Takeaways:

  •Know your style and show up powerfully in every situation

•Simple tips to increase your confidence and influence

•Key influence words that make strong connections with others

•How to motivate and inspire others by being your authentic self

Human Touch in a High Tech World: Delivering Exceptional Customer Service


Key Takeaways

  •Simple tips to help you stand out from your competition

•The key to making customers feel valued and appreciated

•How to keep your cool and turn angry customers into raving fans

•4 Keys to insure that your customers will stay loyal to you and your brand

Handling Difficult People with Ease


Key Takeaways

  •Learn simple ways to defuse anger

•How to manage your emotions so they don’t manage you

•Use tone of voice and body language to stay calm and in control

•The secret to handling difficult people and difficult situations